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Bookkeeping & strategic support for your growing business.

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    Be confident in your numbers
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    Know where your money is going
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    Have a solid growth strategy

It might be time for a little help when...

You have no accounting system in place.
You don't know where your money is going.
You don't know if you have enough to pay your taxes.
Your books are too outdated to run timely reports.
Accounting is keeping you from enjoying your business & spending time with your family.

Get Clear About Your Numbers & Achieve Big Things

We can remove the burden of keeping your books in order and help you achieve the big picture goals you have for your business.

  • Catch-Up & Clean-Up
  • Ongoing Bookkeeping
  • Compliance with the IRS
  • Quickbooks Online Set Up
  • Sales Tax & Payroll
  • Outsourced CFO Services
  • Expert Advice & Guidance
  • Easy-to-Read Reports
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
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I know you want to be a confident, successful business owner

The problem is, if your books are a mess, you can't make good business decisions. I know this can feel overwhelming and keep you up at night. I started this company to help business owners like you build a healthy and sustainable work-life balance through effective financial management.

With jargon-free communication, workflow improvements, and expert advice, my team and I have helped 200+ companies to grow and thrive. Schedule a call today to see how we can help you!

Lana Jo Hill

Founder & CEO of Hill Bookkeeping & Consulting

3 Steps to Get Started

3 Steps to Get Started


Schedule a Call

We'll talk about your current situation and goals and how we can help.


Get Clarity

We'll review your finances, uncover issues and provide valuable insights & next steps.


Achieve Big Things

Take control of your financial health and grow your business with confidence.

Jackie of Miribel Naturals

“I have been working with Lana for the past 2 years and she and her team have been absolutely wonderful. Not only do I trust them with my business finances, and find them super communicative and personable, but the processes Lana has worked so hard to put in place make it so easy to keep track of expenses, receipts, and other documents. It has also been amazing having my sales taxes filed for me and how closely Lana works with my tax accountant to ensure everything is done correctly the first time. If you’re looking for a bookkeeper, you can end your search here. I truly can’t say enough positive things about Lana and her team or recommend them enough!”

- Jackie (Owner, Miribel Naturals LLC)
Jason (Owner, Cake by Jason LLC)

“After opening a business with great success and national publicity, Cake By Jason was doing great! Sales were up, we were hiring new employees and expanding almost daily. Each season brought new goals that were met. While my business partner and I were great at selling what we do and growing those sales, our understanding of the actual numbers was lacking. At the suggestion of a close business friend, we brought on the services of Hill Bookkeeping.

Within a month we were able to clean up our records and start diving into an actual understanding of the business. Very quickly we knew how our shop was actually doing and could game plan for the future intelligently. I would highly recommend their services – not just for their bookkeeping – but for the personal relationship that grows as you work with their team.”

- Jason (Owner, Cake by Jason LLC)
Becca (Co-owner, Embark Education)

“I came to Lana because I was feeling really overwhelmed by learning to use QuickBooks and run a new business. At our first meeting, Lana made me feel really comfortable asking questions and being able to admit that I didn’t know an answer. Hill Bookkeeping makes it so easy to ask questions and are ready to help without judgement when you make mistakes. Lana runs her business with a low barrier to entry and guides all of her clients with a calm, kind, and caring hand. I, along with my other business partners, are better, more informed, business owners because we have Lana and her team on our side.”

- Becca (Co-owner, Embark Education)
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